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Loans : BIO GAS




When planning for big projects, sometimes there are chances that we may not have adequate liquid cash available with us. That is the time when Banks come to your rescue in the form of loans. RABD provides loan for an assortment of projects among which one is the construction of Bio/Gobar Gas Plants.
Why take loan for Bio/Gobar Gas Plants from us?
To provide hassle-free and adequate credit, i.e, working capital and term loan for the construction of bio-gas plant and to acquire accessories like stove, lamp, etc.
To avail the loan, the beneficiary farmers should have minimum number of cattle herds in relation to the size of the plant and should have proper site for erection of the Plant.
Loan amount:-
The loan amount will depend upon the size of the plant. Subsidy is fixed by the Government of India in relation to geographical areas, states, and notified hill areas/desert district. Subsidy is given to all farmers irrespective of their Category, which will be treated as part of margin.
Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- - Nil.

Above Rs.1,00,000/- - 10% to 15%.

Rate of Interest And Processing charges:-
Repayment Period:-
The repayment period will be fixed realistically, (linked to all the sources of income of borrowers) but not to exceed beyond seven years.




  • Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- DPN, Hypothecation of assets created and crops.

  • Over Rs. 1,00,000/- DPN, Hypothecation of assets created and crops, mortgage of land &/or third party guarantee.

1. What is the maximum loan amount?
The amount of loan sanctioned will depend upon the size of the plant .
2. How many cattle are required to get the loan?
Minimum number of cattle should be adequate to the plant size.
3. What is the repayment period?
Repayment period will be decided after considering the income and expense of the borrower. However, the maximum tenure is seven years.